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How to Offer Great Customer Service October 27, 2009

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How can I help you?You’ve sweated blood to get your sales site up and running, you’ve got a prospect at their computer who’s just started your checkout process … and all of a sudden – they’re gone.

What happened?

It could be any number of reasons, so let’s look at some of them here and figure out what we can do to help your visitors complete your checkout and become happy, long-term customers.

For example:

How fast is your checkout process? We’ve got three main factors to consider: your visitor’s patience level, your page-load time and the capacity of your website to provide quality customer service. It’s safest to assume nobody has any patience these days, so cut out as many slow-loading graphics as you can from your checkout pages, and make sure your server’s powerful enough not to crash when a surge of orders comes in. And if it does, make sure you have competent customer service support available on hand. Customer’s needs should be treated with utmost urgency and so considering outsourcing customer support to companies like is highly encourage so as to allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

How simple is your checkout? Is the process straightforward, or are your visitors faced with multiple options to choose from … and if so, how can you make it simpler for them? How easy is it to navigate backwards and forwards through your checkout pages? If your visitors want to change the answer to a previous question, can they just skip back a page or two … or do they have to start the whole process over again?

Do you require visitors to register and/or log in before the sale? If so, why? How frustrating do you think they find it to have to input screens and screens of information when all they want to do is hit the “Confirm Purchase” button and start using your product?

And continuing along those lines, how much personal information do you require anyway? If you’re asking for more than the absolute minimum to get the transaction completed, you’re wasting your time – and that of your visitors. And they’ll resent it. Yes, it’s fine to ask for more information once the deal is done and you have their contact details … and if they’re happy with their purchase, they’ll be more inclined to give you more of their personal information, especially if it’s to open an account with you and so speed up future checkouts.

And are you asking for any other information like, say, a marketing survey? Again, this is not the time. Asking before the purchase is completed is asking for trouble, because people want what they’re buying NOW.

And asking immediately after they’ve downloaded your product isn’t going to get you very far, either: your customers have got what they want, they want to check it out right away … and they don’t want any distractions.

However, it’s a great method of re-establishing contact if, after a suitable period of time, you ask your customers if they’re happy with their purchase and then follow up with a marketing survey. In short, speed and simplicity is what your customers are looking for, and so speed and simplicity is what you should be offering. Oh, and a great product too, of course.


The Fastest Way to Boost ROI October 19, 2009

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grassDo you own a business, yet there is a slow return of investment and slower response from customers than usual? Does your business experience a high degree of sales not completed due to customers’ lack of information of the products? Well, there is a solution for these common problems. According to which is one of the leading customer support provider today, among others, live chat software is the most effective tool to cater the customers’ needs. The hesitant customer before might become a buyer now with the help of this innovative technology.

Live chat software is a tool used to answer the customers’ calls regarding a certain product. With live chat software, customers are able to talk to agents in real time wherever they may be, whether both parties are on the opposite sides of the world. Live chat software provides support to customers, who inquire about a certain product that they do not understand. At the same time, live chat software helps agents assist the customers in an easier and faster way. With this, business transactions are faster; thus, live chat software helps boost your business’ income.

This software has more advantages than any other customer support tools such as email and telephone. Live chat software, moreover, contains other support tools such as instant message at your advantage and your customers’ convenience. Agents are notified if there is a chat on queue or if a chat is dropped through email notifications and instant messages that would pop up on your agents’ computer screen. Unlike email alone, customers would have to wait for an hour or so before their emails would be responded, and it is not always that emails are read from time to time. Same as with the use of the telephone alone, customers would have to be put on hold for a while before they would be served. Much worse, if there are a lot of customers who are calling, there is also a possibility of not getting through the line at all. However, with live chat software, because of its innovative features, there is a possibility of serving a lot of customers all at the same time. Thus, live chat software makes it possible for business transactions and relations easier, faster, and more accessible.

Live chat software helps your business boost its performance for a lot of reasons. First, it helps increase your sales since a lot more customers are served than usual. Second, it helps gather data such as your agents’ time to respond to customers’ inquiries and chat transcriptions of your customers that would reflect their opinions and comments about your products and services. Through these data, live chat software helps in the analysis of your business’ performance. With this software, you can utilize these data to improve your agents’ performance and develop your products, while eventually comprehending and recognizing what your customers really need with their comments and feedback. With this, it boosts your business’ performance while giving the customers the best service. After all, a good business is giving the customers the best service.

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Internet Marketing 101 October 17, 2009

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marketing Day-part Targeting when Working with Internet Marketing

The internet is constantly undergoing change and setting new trends in the marketing industry.  As more and more people surf the web, the internet is soon becoming the media outlet of choice for new consumers. Thus, it is important for businesses to maximize their potential by utilizing the internet as a strategic tool for marketing. One such strategy is called Day-part targeting.

How it works:

Day-part targeting is the notion of placing specific ads at specific times of the day. It is very much similar to prime time advertising on television.  There are certain times of the day that are more efficient to market different products. For example, mattresses and sleep aid commercials usually run during the late hours of the night. The companies that do this realize that the majority of their consumers (who have sleeping disorders) are more than likely awake passing the time watching television. Companies have started to realize that the internet can possess similar trends.

Peak activity:

Prime time for television is an indication of what parts of the day has the most viewers “tuned in”. The peak hours are usually in the evening, thus advertising tends to be more expensive. The internet has its own set of peak hours which tend to be during the day, when people are surfing at work. Although no parameters have been set, it is more than likely that the rate of cost per click ads on the internet will be more expensive during peak hours.  An effective cost model has yet to be set by advertisers and web hosts. As Day-part targeting becomes more trendy, pay per click cost models are bound to be defined.


Both advertisers and web hosts can benefit from having revolving ads at different points of the day. This will maximize the potential of targeting specific consumers with niche markets suitable to their tastes.  It benefit’s the advertisers because they don’t waste money soliciting at times when their target market is low and the web host also benefit’s form having the capacity to take on more ads throughout the day.  Even the consumer benefit’s from not having to view ads that are of little to no interest. Overall, day-part marketing is a win/win situation for all involved!


Turn Visitors to Customers October 16, 2009

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shhhYou’ve built your website, sourced your suppliers, set your terms, and launched the perfect on-line business.  Then you wait, and watch.  Day after day, you check the stats, they’re looking, they’re visiting, but they are not buying.  The frustration sets in and you ask yourself, what did I do wrong.

Cart conversion, or turning shoppers into buyers, is critical in your on-line business.  Cart conversion affects your bottom line.  The more cart conversions that go through successfully, the more money your site makes.  One would hope that everyone who put something into his or her shopping cart would convert to a sale.  Unfortunately, the national average of conversion is roughly 30%, according to various sources, including FireClick.  So 70% of your customers will not actually purchase what they pick up.  There are many cited reasons for shopping cart abandonment, including poor navigation, slow loading pages, asking for too much information, and registrations.

Here we enter into a look at on-line business strategies that can turn your lookers into buyers.

Throughout this article, there is a key strategy that applies across the board.  SIMPLIFY – I just cannot stress enough, the importance of simplifying.  Don’t overcomplicate your site, and make it easy for me to do business with you.

Take a look at your checkout process.  Even the most avid customer will stop mid-sale and leave your site if the process is too consuming.  Are you collecting too much information?  This can leave customers feeling uneasy.  Is the process too long?  According to a recent survey by Nielsen Online, a service of the Nielsen Company indicated 81 on-line shoppers out of the 1000 surveyed, shop online to save time, not money.  Do not waste their time.  What information do you need to conduct your transaction?  Only collect that information from your buyers.

Do you have your customers register or log in to make purchases?  This can be a major deterrent to most on-line buyers.  When you go to the local grocery, do they ask you to register to buy food?  No, it’s a waste of time.  Think – get in, make the purchase, and get out.  Requiring customers to register or log in, unless you have a really good reason for doing so, is pushing your customers away.  Remember that they are shopping your store for convenience of time.  How many sites have you registered on, and forgotten the login or password?  Presenting the option however, of registering to gain the ability of reviewing previous order history, or tracking their order, feels like great customer service.  Just offer it after you’ve gotten the sale, this allows them to choose whether or not to spend the time.

How do your checkout screens check out?  Is it one, continuous, overwhelming screen?  Is it many screens collecting piles of unnecessary information?  Customers need to get in, make the purchase, and get out. However, the checkout process should build confidence, or they start second guessing their purchase, and start tossing items out of their cart.   Or worse, they run completely.  Make the process short and sweet.  One continuous form they have to scroll down looks like a big process to time savvy customers, so break your checkout form into quick, and bite sized pieces.  Keep the graphics on the checkout pages to a minimum; eliminate them with great product descriptions if you can.  The ideal number of screens to check out is two to three.  This eases the customer by building confidence that you aren’t collecting too much information, or wasting their time.

One final aspect to examine is your placement of your marketing survey.  Marketing statistics is the key to tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, so eliminating the collection of this data isn’t an option.  Entertain the idea however, of moving the collection of this data to follow the sale.  Again, this is a time conscious shopper; don’t distract them from buying your products.  The relief comes to the customer once they complete their purchase, and they most likely will oblige in providing the information you desire.

Now there are obviously, many other site issues that can impact cart conversion rates, such as security, shipping time or shipping rates.  It’s always best to look at the whole picture from the customers’ point of view.  Cleaning up, simplifying your checkout process and quality customer service are key steps to securing more sales for your on-line business. There are several customer service support software providers around like — and analytics tools available on the web that can aid you in the fine tuning of your on-line business, such as Google Analytics. So take the time to make the process simple, and then track the effectiveness of your hard work.


Live Customer Support Software

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earthPurchasing a live customer support software will allow you to provide instant online assistance to your customers through a customizable chat forum linked to your website. Additionally, the customer support software comes with several features that help you track, record and manage online customer queries, complaints and concerns.

Everyone is aware that small to medium scale businesses often don’t have either the timeframe or the budget to invest in complex custom designed software for online customer assistance and support. Yet, they wish to stay abreast with this latest customer support innovation and offer effective live assistance. This is where live customer support software adds great value. It is extremely cost-effective, installation is browser based (no CDs) and it is accomplished through an easy to follow set-up wizard that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Subsequently, it is extremely user-friendly and can be operated and scaled up or down in the number of users and features it supports by non-technical personnel. It can also be customized, and you can choose your own look and functions setting for your chat window.

Using live customer support software also offers you other great advantages. Most importantly, you have the option of making your customer-operator chats completely secure and private, so that no unauthorized third party can view it. In addition to this, you can assign different operators to different departments of your organization or a single operator to multiple departments. Either way, the features provided by live chat software are designed to streamline operations, manage multiple chats smoothly and also transfer calls and messages between operators and departments. What’s more, this customer support software also supports most major languages of the world. So, it offers value even if you are dealing with a local clientele who prefer to interact in your native tongue.

Check out customer support provider sites like to learn more about live customer support software and services to conclude yourself if it’s worth a try.


Online Customer Support During the Holidays October 15, 2009

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shop mallA lot of people have found convenience and ease in shopping online.  More so during holidays, as people try to avoid traffic, congested shopping malls and the trouble of carrying home all the stuff you bought.  Online retailers should be proactive when it comes to seasonal changes such as holidays as this would mean increase in visitors to their websites.  However, what is critical is whether online shops are able to effectively convert these visitors to buyers at no additional cost such as hiring temporary employees to handle the surge in volume of sales transactions.

Excellent customer service is the key and smart companies like have found the answer to this perennial problem- The Live Chat Support Software. This provides live as well as automated chat assistance to visitors to their sites to answer questions in real time which is conveniently available 24/7.  It makes use of offsite customer service reps as well as chat operators while automated chat does not use people at all, it usually answers customer’s questions based from a database of information and FAQ’s.  In this manner, online retailers are assured that their potential buyers are efficiently catered to at any given time.

Online retailers have realized the positive impact of customer service software to their over all business operations.  Operational expenditure-wise, especially in addressing major market shift or increased holiday sales, it reduces the cost while ensures increase in sales.  Online retailers have opted not to spend their money on technology which quickly becomes obsolete and now prefers customer service software that has the best-value, inexpensive and easy to update.  With customer service software, online retailers are assured that they can deliver timely, functional, efficient as well as effective customer service to every online shopper.


New e-Commerce Software Boosts Sales October 14, 2009

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For businesses that are on their way to development and didn’t started on a high scale of activity, the most familiar Live Chat Support application software solicitation refers to a wide range of programs  covering everything from the customer contact to the increasing of the reaction time in solving the issue or situation the contact was initiated for.

For a large number of enterprises, the offer of software options or applications using the Internet interface of their own web page is quite large and the use of these programs implies a very low cost and a very high efficiency. If the ROI is the first target that needs improvement, than the customer reaction, the time of response and a more personal approach in solving the issue needs also to be improved. These are the most relevant features of a Live Chat Support Software that come with a low price but high efficiency.

The professional using online conversation offers a large number of possibilities among which is the email and other interaction methods specifically designed to meet the companies profile in what customer support is concerned. This enterprise created and improved online discussions and also introduced online forms accustomed to fit anything from financial assistance companies to schools and teaching system applications. The great variation of services this company provides contains case studies, online marketing research, and shopping cart option for shopping online sites.

One company called specified that a great number of Live Chat Support software service packs can be modified and aligned to the specific needs a company has in offering assistance to the customers. Online chat programs and online discussions remain the most efficient options to raise the standard in Live Chat Support in the mean time improving the ROI and customer response capabilities.