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Build Credibility Online October 9, 2009

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smilelaptopGetting someone to spend their money online at your site is a difficult process, considering that most everyone has heard of different types of Internet scams in which fraudulent people put together a website only to steal private information or to try to pass along a virus.

But there are three ways to ensure visitors that your website is different and can be trusted, so they will lower their “scam radar” and be relaxed enough to move from a visitor to a customer. The way to build that trust with website visitors is through the following three steps:

1)  Offer live customer support online and make the availability of that support very visible on your site,

2) Provide contact information anywhere the visitor may navigate on your website

3) Offer a policy for returning payment that is fair, unambiguous and also highlighted on your site.

The perception concerning scam websites is that there is no person or network of support behind them, that the website was constructed to perpetrate a particular kind of fraud and there is no one around to get caught. Live customer support – where a visitor can click and talk to someone knowledgeable about the website, immediately sends a much different message. A website with immediate customer support is a legitimate business. A perfect example is . Check out their services which cover from customer service to technical support. This way, one can have the option to choose which service best fits their concern.

Posting contact information on every conceivable page a visitor could navigate also goes far to destroying the fear that the website is a scam by showing there is no anonymity involved. Scam websites are shadowy and have no real people who can be contacted, but a website that encourages a visitor to contact various departments for more information must be a business that can be trusted.

Finally, offer a return policy that isn’t just words but describes the process to have your money returned if there are any doubts or dissatisfaction with the product. Only legitimate companies give a customer his or her money back, and that’s the message you are sending to your visitors with a complete and well-explained returns policy on your site.



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