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An Underestimated e-Commerce Add-On October 13, 2009

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Wsoftwareorking with brick and mortar stores is easy if you run into a problem or need help finding the right product or have questions about something before you buy; With employees there with you face to face, you usually get pretty fast service.   However, getting answers from an on-line store can be a bit trickier. The customer is often  forced to call the company and stay on eternal hold or send  an email and wait for the response.

But today, companies are becoming cleverer as the time passes by. Companies such as do customer service differently by utilizing live chat support software which is very beneficial to online businesses and customers.

Three Reasons to Use a Live Chat Service on Your Website

Live chat software saves online businesses time, money and resources. Paying fewer operators greatly reduces customer service costs and saves time with the operator being able to use pre-made responses to frequently asked questions.

Live chat software provides real time live customer service at the exact time that the customer needs help. Wherever customer is, they can receive an answer to their question quickly. Online 24/7 benefits the customer and the business alike. It just makes sense because the customer can get all the help they need without driving, calling or  waiting for an answer from an email.

By giving quick answers to online customers questions,  you will see an increase in your sales. Live chat boosts the customers confidence and ensures a happy, safe feeling  for the buyer. Quick, easy and no wait!! Live chat is the  way to go!


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