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An Underestimated e-Commerce Add-On October 13, 2009

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Wsoftwareorking with brick and mortar stores is easy if you run into a problem or need help finding the right product or have questions about something before you buy; With employees there with you face to face, you usually get pretty fast service.   However, getting answers from an on-line store can be a bit trickier. The customer is often  forced to call the company and stay on eternal hold or send  an email and wait for the response.

But today, companies are becoming cleverer as the time passes by. Companies such as do customer service differently by utilizing live chat support software which is very beneficial to online businesses and customers.

Three Reasons to Use a Live Chat Service on Your Website

Live chat software saves online businesses time, money and resources. Paying fewer operators greatly reduces customer service costs and saves time with the operator being able to use pre-made responses to frequently asked questions.

Live chat software provides real time live customer service at the exact time that the customer needs help. Wherever customer is, they can receive an answer to their question quickly. Online 24/7 benefits the customer and the business alike. It just makes sense because the customer can get all the help they need without driving, calling or  waiting for an answer from an email.

By giving quick answers to online customers questions,  you will see an increase in your sales. Live chat boosts the customers confidence and ensures a happy, safe feeling  for the buyer. Quick, easy and no wait!! Live chat is the  way to go!


Top Three Online Credibility Builders October 12, 2009

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buildersThe best way to convert visitors to your site into your customers is to provide a guarantee of the credibility of your website and make them believe that you are not out there to cheat them of their money. The increasing number of sites being created with the intention of cheating people and taking their hard earned money without delivering what is promised makes visitors reluctant to trust any site. These are just some reasons why companies such as strive to do things differently by making every support available online for every different type of customer needs. Because customers play a vital role in the industry, they need to be convinced that you are a genuine and trustworthy seller. Visitors are more likely to trust a site that has a clear returns policy and provides live online customer support. In addition providing your contact details on every page of your website reinforces the fact that you are not hiding anything.

Live customer support software allows you to have a logo on your webpage indicating that live customer support is available. When visitors click on the logo a small screen pops up allowing them to interact with an operator. This lets them check on the merchant and get any questions they have, answered just like they could with a phone. The visitors’ confidence about the credibility of the website is increased by a live chat support system. It assures them of the legitimacy of the service you claim to offer and know that there are real people running the service. They are also assured that when anything goes wrong or if they aren’t pleased with what they get there is a simple way of contacting you.

Merchants selling on the internet should show that they are not hiding anything from prospective customers. This makes the inclusion of contact information on every webpage very essential. The visitors now know they have a way of calling the merchant easily and this encourages them to make a purchase.

When people buy online they have only had a look at a few pictures and read a brief description of what they are going to get. It is therefore essential to give them a chance of returning the product if they are not satisfied by it. A clear returns policy does just this. It lets the customer know how you deal with returns and refunds and what are the steps to be followed if they want to do that. Though no online seller would like to give refunds or returns, a returns policy is nevertheless a very important step in building trust.

A live customer support, a clear returns policy and providing contact details on every page of the website are three easy steps to building online credibility, increasing customer conversion rate and ultimately the ROI.

Stop Losing Online Customers

Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click advertisements can help sellers market their services and attract visitors to their sites. But what really matters is how many of these visitors are converted into paying customers. This is where online sellers face the real challenge. The most common reasons why visitors don’t become customers is not finding the information they need, an example of which is a return policy, the site itself looking unprofessional or too slow in providing answers needed by the prospective customer. Good customer service should be an integral part of an online company’s survival plan.

An FAQ section must be included to make it easy for visitors to quickly get answers to the most common questions. In addition chats should be added for any other questions that a prospective customer may have. Those operating the chat software must be well trained and able to add a human touch to live chat software. Using live text-based chat software and phone support an online company can incorporate customer suggestions. It would also be able to answer questions about their product lines and redress any issues that may arise while they try to provide an excellent customer service.

There are many software like Live Chat or Autochat that can help an online seller provide 24/7 online support. But it is not really about how much an online seller invests in software that makes the real difference. The real difference is made by the people on the other end of the line interacting with the customers. The customer support team should have all the information that customers want and be able to provide it in a very friendly and effective matter.


Build Credibility Online October 9, 2009

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smilelaptopGetting someone to spend their money online at your site is a difficult process, considering that most everyone has heard of different types of Internet scams in which fraudulent people put together a website only to steal private information or to try to pass along a virus.

But there are three ways to ensure visitors that your website is different and can be trusted, so they will lower their “scam radar” and be relaxed enough to move from a visitor to a customer. The way to build that trust with website visitors is through the following three steps:

1)  Offer live customer support online and make the availability of that support very visible on your site,

2) Provide contact information anywhere the visitor may navigate on your website

3) Offer a policy for returning payment that is fair, unambiguous and also highlighted on your site.

The perception concerning scam websites is that there is no person or network of support behind them, that the website was constructed to perpetrate a particular kind of fraud and there is no one around to get caught. Live customer support – where a visitor can click and talk to someone knowledgeable about the website, immediately sends a much different message. A website with immediate customer support is a legitimate business. A perfect example is . Check out their services which cover from customer service to technical support. This way, one can have the option to choose which service best fits their concern.

Posting contact information on every conceivable page a visitor could navigate also goes far to destroying the fear that the website is a scam by showing there is no anonymity involved. Scam websites are shadowy and have no real people who can be contacted, but a website that encourages a visitor to contact various departments for more information must be a business that can be trusted.

Finally, offer a return policy that isn’t just words but describes the process to have your money returned if there are any doubts or dissatisfaction with the product. Only legitimate companies give a customer his or her money back, and that’s the message you are sending to your visitors with a complete and well-explained returns policy on your site.



Online Business Consultant

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Becoming an Affiliate: Essential to Remember, Take These Steps!

Now that you have decided to become an affiliate congratulations on your decision!

You are on your way to become financially independent and you are on a track many have taken to become wealthy with using little more than wits and the power of the Internet. Before becoming an affiliate there are few basic steps and some important things to remember.

“You should consider link building techniques and link swapping techniques. To get your URL on to other sites where more people can find it”

Affiliate Step One: Building a Website

It is important to build a website if you do not own one yet. It is important to own a website with fresh content. This content should be updated from time to time. There needs to be something that makes people come back. It is important that visitors come back. The content should be the main issue why they return. For example if your site provides a mortgage loan calculator then this should be the attraction for visitors to return. You can insert a feed that provides fresh content.

Affiliate Merchant Step Two: Finding a Good Affiliate Program

Now you will be in need for an affiliate programs like to partner up with. Be thoughtful that the products on the affiliate program need to be relevant to the products or services you are promoting. Then compare the payment methods (does the affiliate program pays per click or per sale or per lead). Ask your self how much it does pay. And do some research how successful the affiliate program is.

Affiliate Merchant Step Three: Directing Traffic

Traffic is important. Without traffic there is no profit. To get traffic you should consider link building. This can be writing articles and submitting into article directories. Write fresh content for your website and make the visitors return. You also can swap the links with other web masters.

Have a Nice Day!