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Internet Marketing 101 October 17, 2009

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marketing Day-part Targeting when Working with Internet Marketing

The internet is constantly undergoing change and setting new trends in the marketing industry.  As more and more people surf the web, the internet is soon becoming the media outlet of choice for new consumers. Thus, it is important for businesses to maximize their potential by utilizing the internet as a strategic tool for marketing. One such strategy is called Day-part targeting.

How it works:

Day-part targeting is the notion of placing specific ads at specific times of the day. It is very much similar to prime time advertising on television.  There are certain times of the day that are more efficient to market different products. For example, mattresses and sleep aid commercials usually run during the late hours of the night. The companies that do this realize that the majority of their consumers (who have sleeping disorders) are more than likely awake passing the time watching television. Companies have started to realize that the internet can possess similar trends.

Peak activity:

Prime time for television is an indication of what parts of the day has the most viewers “tuned in”. The peak hours are usually in the evening, thus advertising tends to be more expensive. The internet has its own set of peak hours which tend to be during the day, when people are surfing at work. Although no parameters have been set, it is more than likely that the rate of cost per click ads on the internet will be more expensive during peak hours.  An effective cost model has yet to be set by advertisers and web hosts. As Day-part targeting becomes more trendy, pay per click cost models are bound to be defined.


Both advertisers and web hosts can benefit from having revolving ads at different points of the day. This will maximize the potential of targeting specific consumers with niche markets suitable to their tastes.  It benefit’s the advertisers because they don’t waste money soliciting at times when their target market is low and the web host also benefit’s form having the capacity to take on more ads throughout the day.  Even the consumer benefit’s from not having to view ads that are of little to no interest. Overall, day-part marketing is a win/win situation for all involved!